TV & Web Ads


We produce commercials and get them broadcast in 85 Cable TV Channels

We will work with you to help  your with your ad, produce, edit, and distribute your commercial to Cable TV Channels and Websites.

We offer the best solution to promote your business in all TV & Social Media  at a very affordable  price.

YIDRO MEDIA, working directly  with cable TV companies, has allow businesses to advertise on TV at a lower rate.

  • Cities in America are controlled by one cable company.
    Each company has divided their cities into sub-zones.
  • Sub-zones allow your business to target just one area of your city, which makes TV advertising more affordable than ever before.

  • You can target nationally-known cable networks with your commercial airing only in a portion of your city.

    You are only targeting – and paying for – the immediate area around your business.

YIDRO MEDIA Will  work with you to plan a local and national campaign for Cable TV & Internet




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